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Regain Your Confidence With the Areola Restoration Procedure

If you've had a mastectomy, illness, surgery, or other disfigurements, Permanent Cosmetics by Tina can help you. You can restore your confidence with my areola restoration procedure. This long-term solution provides you with a natural-looking areola that blends perfectly with your skin. 

The areola restoration process is noninvasive and painless. You'll be given an anesthetic ointment to numb the area worked on. You can rely on my 24 years of experience as a permanent cosmetic artist and as a registered nurse.

Helping Women Since 1993

If you've recently had a surgery on your breast area, it is recommended that you wait for approximately 8 months before I do the areola restoration procedure. This noninvasive procedure takes about three visits to fully complete. Our areola restorations are done by estimates.
Areola restoration
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