Advanced Intradermal Micropigmentation is specifically developed for a safe, painless, and natural looking color.
Even the most delicate skin types can have beautiful lifelong color when it is applied properly with the right pigments and specialized equipment.


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  • Your choice of over 150 new shades.
  • New and improved colors that will last a lifetime in most skin types
  • Painless "soft touch" method using extra strength topical anesthetics.
  • In-depth consultations with your make-up before permanent application.
  • Only new sterile and disposable equipment is used with each visit.
Consultations FREE
Brow Color Reg. $395
Eyeliner Reg. $395
Top or Bottom Eyeliner Reg. $295
Lipliner Reg. $395
Lipliner with blended color Reg. $495
Lipliner with Full Lip Color Reg. $595
New full price procedures include one follow up visit.
Touch up visits $95 & up
Corrections on other technician's work $200/hr.

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